Hyper Dissolved Oxygen Systems for commercial pools, spas & fountains

AquaGen Incorporates An Ultra- Fine Bubble Generator, A Version Of Which Has Been Shown To Generate Over 100 Million Ultra- Fine Bubbles Per Milliliter Of Water. By Atomizing Pure Oxygen, And Not Breaking The Surface Tension Of A Water Molecule, Injecting Them Into The Water Increases The Dissolved Oxygen Content In The Water. The Extra Oxygen Present In The Water Provides A Residual Of Natural And Mild Oxidizer That Works Alongside Your Primary Sanitizer Of Choice.

Why AquaGen?​

Those That Like The Feel Of Salt Water Will Absolutely Love The Feel Of Highly Oxygenated Water. You’ll Leave The Pool Feeling Refreshed Like You Just Stepped Out Of The Shower. Imagine Not Feeling Dried Out Or Smelling Like Chlorine The Rest Of The Day After Your Morning Swim; AquaGen Makes This All Possible!

Oxygen Is The Third Most Abundant Element In The Universe. By Itself, Oxygen Is A Natural Oxidizer And Disinfectant, And Has Been Proven To Assist In The Destruction Of Many Types Of Micro-Organisms. Aqua Gen Pool Oxygenation Systems Are Designed To Deliver 100% Pure Dissolved Oxygen Into The Water. When Added To Water, Oxygen Provides A Long List Of Health Benefits For Both The Body Of Water Being Treated And The End-User.

In A Swimming Pool, The Natural Pressure Of The Water With The Introduction Of Additional Oxygen Works On The Same Premise As A Hyperbaric Chamber. Many Industries Are On A Quest For Healthier, Cleaner, And Safer Water. With Aqua Gen, The Aquatic Professional Has A Solution.

Benefits of AquaGen

Water Clarity

The first thing people notice is how clear the water becomes. We’ve been told that our pools are as clear as drinking water!


Oxygenated water will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated – as if you just stepped out of the shower.

Increased Bather Comfort

a smooth silky feel, as if they were swimming in salt water but without the salt! With the abundance of oxygen in the water, it can allow even those with the most sensitive skin to once again enjoy the backyard swimming environment.

Improved Air Quality

The beautiful part of using Aqua Fuzion is the by-product of the system is increased oxygen that stays in solution for weeks and months at a time. The added oxygen above the surface of the water benefits all swimmers from recreational to professional.


Clients that are looking for something tangible for reassurance can measure the amount of extra oxygen present in their pool or spa by utilizing a dissolved oxygen meter.
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