120k Vanishing Edge Pool

We just finished this project in Northern Arizona. Customer asked us to come up and take a look at his pool and let him know what he could do to improve water quality. It’s a 120,000 Gallon negative edge pool overlooking the valley below. The entire pool was built with mosaic glass tile that looks absolutely beautiful. However, the equipment room on the other hand was nothing to be excited about. Unfortunately, it was only built with 2” plumbing so there were some water quality issues to say the least! The pump room was relatively open… but once again somewhat cramped space. The ceiling in the pump room was incredibly low and went from 72” down to 58” which made it hard to work in. That’s ok though… it’s not our first and I’m pretty sure won’t be the last confined pump room we’ll have to work in. The customer was not happy with the water quality he was getting from the traditional chlorination systems and wanted to upgrade to a chlorine free pool. At the same time, he asked if we could make the pump room look like a clean room as well. Not a problem! This is the fun part about building a custom pump room for us after all. We installed dual Aqua Fuzion’s with dual ozone systems at 30grams/hr. We increased the recirculation pipe to 3” and increase the flow from 70GPM to 150GPM. We also ran 100% of the flow through the contact tanks to get 100% disinfection and oxidation utilizing our “Ultra-Fine” ozone technology. Carbon dioxide was used to manage the pH utilizing our “Ultra-Fine” technology as well which helped keep more chemicals out of the water. There is so much more to say about what we did with this pool, but the most beautiful part was how the system performed. With only one Aqua Fuzion running we were able to raise the ORP level to a staggering 923! That was incredible for such a large pool and only one ozone system! I was completely amazed we were able to accomplish this, but it just goes to show what the technology can produce. The customer was super happy since he was never able to see the bottom of his pool so clearly. He never saw the bottom corners of the deep end on the other side and when he spent some time underwater he said it was like he wasn’t in water at all!

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